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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Release Notes
Release 2 ( for hp Tru64 UNIX

Part Number B12426-02
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1 Suite-Level Issues

1.1 What's New?
1.2 Known Limitations and Workarounds
1.2.1 Cannot Enable RAC with a Pre-seeded Information Storage Database
1.2.2 Errors Occur in Oracle Collaboration Suite if Portal is Not Installed
1.2.3 Oracle Collaboration Suite Web Client Web Client may not Work on Korean Locale The Web Client Configuration Assistant Fails in the Upgrade Scenario Failure to Automatically Register the Files Portlet Broken Images on UNIX Broken Link on Collaboration Suite Welcome Page
1.2.4 Oracle9iAS Web Cache Start Failure
1.2.5 Oracle Enterprise Manager for Oracle Email Not Invoked
1.2.6 Referenced Name Error Occurs During Email Upgrade
1.2.7 Database is Not Being Registered
1.2.8 Database Configuration Assistant Error
1.2.9 Single Sign-On Photograph Registration
1.2.10 Create or Edit User Information in Delegated Administration Service
1.2.11 File Not Found Error Occurs During Execution of the Script
1.2.12 Welcome Page iSupport Link
1.2.13 Port Number Changes When Upgrade Assistant is Executed
1.2.14 Configure Oracle Collaboration Suite Components with SSL
1.3 Known Bugs in
1.4 Known Bugs in

2 Globalization

2.1 What's New?
2.2 Known Limitations and Workarounds
2.2.1 Language Support for Installation and Upgrade
2.2.2 Bidirectional Support for Arabic
2.2.3 Language Support for the Web Conferencing Document Converter
2.2.4 Host Name Translation Error in Web Conferencing
2.2.5 Character Sets for Infrastructure and Information Store Databases
2.2.6 International User IDs

3 Oracle Calendar

3.1 Oracle Calendar Server
3.1.1 What's New
3.1.2 Known Limitations and Workarounds in
3.1.3 Known Limitations and Workarounds in
3.1.4 New and Updated Server Parameters New Parameters in the unison.ini File Updated Parameters in the unison.ini File Updated UNIX Environment Variables
3.1.5 Documentation Errata
3.2 Oracle Calendar Administrator
3.2.1 What's New
3.2.2 Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.3 Oracle Calendar SDK
3.3.1 What's New
3.3.2 Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.4 Oracle Calendar Application System
3.4.1 Oracle Calendar Web Client What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds Document Errata
3.4.2 Oracle Calendar Web Services What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.4.3 Oracle Sync Server What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds Device-Related Issues
3.5 Oracle Connector for Outlook
3.5.1 What's New
3.5.2 Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.5.3 Configuration Parameters
3.6 Oracle Calendar Desktop Clients
3.6.1 Oracle Calendar Desktop Client for Windows What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.6.2 Oracle Calendar Desktop Client for Macintosh What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.6.3 Oracle Calendar Desktop Client for Linux What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.6.4 Oracle Calendar Desktop Client for Solaris What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.7 Oracle Calendar Sync Clients
3.7.1 Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm for Windows What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.7.2 Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm for Macintosh What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.7.3 Oracle Calendar Sync for Pocket PC What's New Known Limitations and Workarounds
3.8 Client Coexistence Behavior

4 Oracle Email

4.1 What's New?
4.2 Known Issues
4.2.1 JDK 1.4.2 for Web Client
4.2.2 NNTP Server Manual Upgrade
4.2.3 TargetDN Attribute
4.2.4 Oracle Text
4.3 Known Bugs
4.3.1 Oracle Email Administration
4.3.2 Oracle Email Migration Tool
4.3.3 Servers
4.3.4 Oracle Webmail
4.4 Documentation Errata
4.4.1 Oracle Email Administrator's Guide Prevent Service Denial Attack Default Anti-Spam Parameters Table 9-5: List Server Parameters
4.4.2 Oracle Email Migration Tool Guide References to Oracle Collaboration Suite Documentation Chapter 2: Requirements Before Migration Chapter 3: Migration Tasks Appendix C
4.4.3 Oracle Email Application Developer's Guide Chapter 2: Java API Reference Directory Management Code Examples
4.4.4 Oracle Email Java API Reference Oracle Folder Add ACI Method

5 Oracle Files

5.1 What's New
5.1.1 Workflow Configuration Enhancements
5.1.2 Oracle Files Web UI and Oracle FileSync Client Available in Russian
5.1.3 Creating Custom Workflows
5.1.4 Branding the Oracle Files User Interface
5.1.5 Improved Domain Controller Reliability After Computer Failure
5.1.6 Automatic User Provisioning
5.1.7 Additional Oracle Files Features
5.2 Certification and System Requirements
5.2.1 Client Certifications SMB Web Browsers (for Web User Interface and Enterprise Manager Web Site) FTP Clients AFP NFS Client Support WebDAV: Web Folders WebDAV: Oracle FileSync Client
5.3 Deprecations
5.4 General Issues
5.4.1 Logging Out From Portal Page Does Not Log Users Out of Oracle Files
5.4.2 Error Occurs on Creation of Workspaces
5.4.3 Content From the Archive is Moved to BFILE Storage By Default
5.4.4 Mapping Web Folders in Windows XP
5.4.5 Saving HTML Files Using Internet Explorer
5.4.6 Popup Blockers Can Cause Problems in the Oracle Files UI
5.4.7 Outlook Express Breaks Oracle Files URLs That Contain Multibyte Characters
5.4.8 Standby Database Limitations
5.5 Configuration Issues
5.5.1 Workflow Issues Building Custom Workflows LDAP Packages Multiple Instances Provisioning Users Into Oracle Workflow
5.5.2 Oracle Text Issues
5.5.3 Caching Issues
5.6 Oracle Internet Directory Issues
5.6.1 User Provisioning Failure
5.7 Globalization Support Issues
5.7.1 Error When Saving Documents with Multibyte Filenames in Internet Explorer
5.7.2 Jagged Bold/Italic Fonts
5.7.3 Character Set Limitations
5.8 Known Bugs

6 Oracle Ultra Search

6.1 What's New
6.2 Ultra Search Welcome Page
6.3 Default Ultra Search Instance
6.4 Document Relevancy Boosting Limitations
6.5 Translations for Complete Sample Query Application
6.6 Dynamic Page Indexing Control
6.7 Cookie Support
6.8 Crawler Cache Deletion Control
6.9 Setting the Environment to Use the INSO Filter
6.10 Known Bugs

7 Oracle Voicemail & Fax

7.1 What's New?
7.2 Known Limitations and Workarounds

8 Oracle Web Conferencing

8.1 What's New?
8.2 Known Limitations and Workarounds
8.2.1 Database Service Name Limitation Installation Post-Installation
8.2.2 Installation and Configuration Issues Clean Reinstallation and Deinstallation Creating the OC4J RTC Application as Part of the Real-Time Collaboration Core Components Instance Oracle HTTP Server Configuration Turning Off Image Compression for PNG Files in OracleAS Web Cache Configuring E-Mailed Usage Reports Uploading the Demo When Using a Custom Database
8.2.3 User Management Issues
8.2.4 Allowing Pop-Up Window Display
8.2.5 Known Bugs

9 Wireless

9.1 Getting Started
9.2 What's New?
9.2.1 Over the Air Provisioning (OTA)
9.2.2 Real Time Browser Access from Any Mobile Device
9.2.3 Ubiquitous Voice Access
9.2.4 Instant Access Through Async from SMS or Email
9.2.5 Multi-Channel Alerts and Notifications
9.2.6 Presence Availability Management
9.3 Oracle Hosted Voice Gateway
9.4 Known Limitations and Workarounds
9.4.1 Wireless SMS Notification Issue
9.4.2 Contact Rule Switcher Portlet Failure
9.4.3 Increase Wireless Email Timeout Parameter
9.4.4 Multiple Copies of Messages Generated
9.4.5 Return-to-Portal URL Configuration
9.4.6 Wireless Calendar
9.4.7 Wireless Files
9.4.8 Wireless Status Displayed as Down
9.4.9 Multibyte Characters and Wireless Notifications
9.4.10 Registering Oracle Portal Provider for Wireless Web Tool and Wireless Customization Fails
9.4.11 Generic Single Sign-On Errors if Using Microsoft Internet Explorer
9.4.12 Oracle Wireless Process Status Unavailable for Multiple ORACLE_HOMEs with External Repository
9.4.13 Multibyte User Names in Jabber Not Supported
9.5 Using Wireless and Voice
9.5.1 Access Information
9.5.2 ASK Commands to Access Collaboration Suite from SMS, Email, or 2-way Pager Calendar Address Book Mail Fax Directory Short Messaging Instant Messaging Files
9.6 Documentation Errata
9.6.1 Calendar Server
9.6.2 Wireless Configuration Assistant Display
9.6.3 Configuring Oracle Wireless to Enable Messaging
9.6.4 Online Help Display
9.6.5 Nuance Voice Web Service Gateway
9.6.6 Speechgenie Gateway