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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Anti-Spam Configuration
Release 2 (9.0.4)

Part Number B15614-01
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Anti-Spam Configuration

1 Introduction
2 Overview of Spam Problems
2.1 Open Relays
2.2 Unwanted E-mail
3 Preventing Spam
3.1 Disabling Open Relays
3.2 Configuring Native E-mail Anti-Spam Features
3.3 Implementing Content-Filtering Software
4 About Message Transfer Agents
5 Built-In Anti-Spam Methods in Oracle Email
6 Overview of the Oracle MTA
7 Configuring Oracle Email Anti-Spam
7.1 SMTP Settings
7.2 Turning Anti-Spam Checking On or Off
7.3 Precedence of Spam Checking
7.4 Mail Flow through the Oracle MTA Process
7.4.1 Action 1: A Connection is Made
7.4.2 Action 2: Authentication
7.4.3 Action 3: Native Anti-Spam Features
8 Preventing Anti-Spam through DNS Lookup
9 Third-Party Anti-Spam Vendors
10 Anti-Spam Configuration Scenarios
11 Additional Information
12 Documentation Accessibility