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Oracle® XML Developer's Kit Programmer's Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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List of Tables

1-1 Overview of XDK Components
1-2 Summary of XDK JavaBeans
1-3 Generating XML in Java
1-4 Additional Document Processing with the Java XDK
2-1 Java Libraries for XDK Components
2-2 UNIX Environment Settings for Java XDK Components
2-3 Java XDK Utilities
2-4 Windows Environment Settings for Java XDK Components
2-5 Java XDK Utilities
3-1 XML Parser for Java Validation Modes
3-2 XML Compression with DOM and SAX
3-3 Java Parser Demos
3-4 oraxml Command-Line Options
3-5 DOMParser Configuration Methods
3-6 Some Interfaces Implemented by XMLDocument
3-7 Useful XMLDocument Methods
3-8 Useful Methods in the Range Class
3-9 Static Fields in the NodeFilter Interface
3-10 Useful Methods in the TreeWalker Interface
3-11 SAX2 Handler Interfaces
3-12 SAXParser Methods for Registering Event Handlers
3-13 XMLTokenizer Methods
3-14 JAXP Packages
3-15 Transforming Classes with JAXP
4-1 XSLT Processor Sample Files
4-2 Command Line Options for oraxsl
4-3 XSLProcessor Methods
4-4 XMLDocumentFragment Methods
5-1 Feature Comparison Between XML Schema and DTD
5-2 oracle.xml.parser.schema Classes
5-3 XML Schema Sample Files
6-1 javax.xml.bind Classes and Interfaces
6-2 JAXB Class Generator Demos
6-3 orajaxb Command-Line Options
7-1 Methods in the oracle.xml.pipeline.controller.Process Class
7-2 Classes in oracle.xml.pipeline.processes
7-3 PipelineProcessor Methods
7-4 Pipeline Processor Sample Files
7-5 orapipe Command-Line Options
7-6 PipelineErrorHandler Methods
8-1 javax.xml.async DOM-Related Classes and Interfaces
8-2 javax.xml.async XSL-Related Classes and Interfaces
8-3 XMLDBAccess Methods
8-4 XMLDiff Methods
8-5 JavaBean Sample Java Source Files
8-6 JavaBean Sample Files
9-1 XSU Sample Files
9-2 getXML Options
9-3 putXML Options
10-1 TransX Utility Features
10-2 TransX Configuration Methods
10-3 TransX Utility Sample Files
10-4 TransX utility Command-line Options
10-5 TransX utility Command-line Parameters
10-6 <column> Attributes
10-7 date and dateTime Formats
11-1 XSQL Servlet Demos
12-1 Pseudo-Attributes for <?xml-stylesheet ?>
12-2 Helpful Methods in the XSQLActionHandlerImpl Class
13-1 oracle.soap Subpackages
13-2 org.apache.soap Subpackages
14-1 Dependent Libraries of XDK C Components on UNIX
14-2 UNIX Environment Settings for XDK C Components
14-3 C/C++ XDK Utilities on UNIX
14-4 Header Files in the C XDK Compile-Time Environment
14-5 Dependent Libraries of XDK C Components on Windows
14-6 Windows Environment Settings for C XDK Components
14-7 C/C++ XDK Utilities on Windows
14-8 Summary of the XDK C API
15-1 Interfaces for XML, DOM, and SAX APIs
15-2 Datatypes Used in the XML Parser for C
15-3 C Parser Demos
15-4 C Parser Command-Line Options
15-5 NULL-Terminated and Length-Encoded C API Functions
15-6 XMLType Functions
16-1 XSLT Processor for C: Command Line Options
16-2 XSLT for C Demo Files
17-1 XML Schema Processor for C: Supplied Files
17-2 XML Schema Processor for C: Supplied Libraries
17-3 XML Schema for C Samples Provided
19-1 Header Files in the C++ XDK Compile-Time Environment
21-1 XML Parser for C++ Sample Files
22-1 XSLT for C++ Sample Files
23-1 XML Schema Processor for C++ Command Line Options
23-2 XML Schema Processor for C++ Samples Provided
25-1 C++ Class Generator Options
25-2 XML C++ Class Generator Files
27-1 Built-In XSQL Elements and Action Handler Classes
27-2 XSQL Configuration File Settings
27-3 Attributes for <xsql:delete-request>
27-4 Attributes for <xsql:dml>
27-5 Attributes for <xsql:if-param>
27-6 Attributes for <xsql:include-owa>
27-7 Attributes for <xsql:include-xml>
27-8 Attributes for <xsql:include-xsql>
27-9 Attributes for <xsql:insert-param>
27-10 Attributes for <xsql:insert-request>
27-11 Attributes for <xsql:query>
27-12 Attributes for <xsql:set-cookie>
27-13 Attributes for <xsql:set-page-param>
27-14 Attributes for <xsql:set-session-param>
27-15 Attributes for <xsql:set-stylesheet-param>
27-16 Attributes for <xsql:update-request>
28-1 Notation for Occurrence of Attributes and Elements
28-2 Entity References
28-3 DLF Elements
28-4 Top Level Table Element
28-5 Translation Elements
28-6 Lookup Key Elements
28-7 Metadata Elements
28-8 Data Elements
28-9 Attributes
28-10 DLF Attributes
28-11 XML Namespace Attributes
29-1 Summary of XML Standards Supported by the XDK