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Oracle® C++ Call Interface Programmer's Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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List of Tables

3-1 Normal Data - Not Null and Not Truncated
3-2 Null Data
3-3 Truncated Data
5-1 Summary of Oracle Internal Datatypes
5-2 External Datatypes and Corresponding C++ and OCCI Types
5-3 Format of the DATE Datatype
5-4 VARNUM Examples
5-5 Data Conversions Between External and Internal datatypes
5-6 Data Conversions for LOBs
5-7 Data Conversions for Date, Timestamp, and Interval Datatypes
7-1 Summary of OTT Utility Parameters
7-2 C++ Object Datatype Mappings for Object Type Attributes
9-1 Notification Result Attributes; ANONYMOUS and AQ Namespace
12-1 Summary of OCCI Classes
12-2 Enumerated Values Used by All OCCI Classes
12-3 Summary of Agent Methods
12-4 OCCI Datatypes supported by AnyData Class
12-5 Summary of AnyData Methods
12-6 Summary of BatchSQLException Methods
12-7 Summary of Bfile Methods
12-8 Summary of Blob Methods
12-9 Summary of Bytes Methods
12-10 Summary of Clob Methods
12-11 Enumerated Values Used by Connection Class
12-12 Summary of Connection Methods
12-13 Summary of ConnectionPool Methods
12-14 Enumerated Values Used by Consumer Class
12-15 Summary of Consumer Methods
12-16 Summary of Date Methods
12-17 Enumerated Values Used by Environment Class
12-18 Summary of Environment Methods
12-19 Fields of IntervalDS Class
12-20 Summary of IntervalDS Methods
12-21 Fields of IntervalYM Class
12-22 Summary of IntervalYM Methods
12-23 Summary of Listener Methods
12-24 Enumerated Values Used by Message Class
12-25 Summary of Message Methods
12-26 Enumerated Values Used by MetaData Class
12-27 Summary of MetaData Methods
12-28 Summary of NotifyResult Methods
12-29 Summary of Number Methods
12-30 Enumerated Values Used by PObject Class
12-31 Summary of PObject Methods
12-32 Enumerated Values Used by Producer Class
12-33 Summary of Producer Methods
12-34 Enumerated Values Used by Ref Class
12-35 Summary of Ref Methods
12-36 Summary of RefAny Methods
12-37 Enumerated Values Used by ResultSet Class
12-38 Summary of ResultSet Methods
12-39 Summary of SQLException
12-40 Enumerated Values Used by StatelessConnectionPool Class
12-41 Summary of StatelessConnectionPool Methods
12-42 Enumerated Values used by the Statement Class
12-43 Statement Methods
12-44 Enumerated Values Used by Stream Class
12-45 Summary of Stream Methods
12-46 Enumerated Values Used by Subscription Class
12-47 Summary of Subscription Methods
12-48 Fields of Timestamp and Their Legal Ranges
12-49 Summary of Timestamp Methods