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Oracle® Database XML C++ API Reference
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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List of Tables

1-1 Summary of Datatypes; Ctx Package
1-2 Summary of MemAllocator Methods; Ctx Package
1-3 Summary of TCtx Methods; Ctx Package
2-1 Summary of Datatypes; Dom Package
2-2 Summary of TreeWalker Methods; Dom Package
2-3 Summary of CDATASectionRef Methods; Dom Package
2-4 Summary of CharacterDataRef Methods; Dom Package
2-5 Summary of CommentRef Methods; Dom Package
2-6 Summary of DOMException Methods; Dom Package
2-7 Summary of DOMImplRef Methods; Dom Package
2-8 Summary of DOMImplementation Methods; Dom Package
2-9 Summary of DocumentFragmentRef Methods; Dom Package
2-10 Summary of DocumentRange Methods; Dom Package
2-11 Summary of DocumentRef Methods; Dom Package
2-12 Summary of DocumentTraversal Methods; Dom Package
2-13 Summary of DocumentTypeRef Methods; Dom Package
2-14 Summary of ElementRef Methods; Dom Package
2-15 Summary of EntityRef Methods; Dom Package
2-16 Summary of EntityReferenceRef Methods; Dom Package
2-17 Summary of NamedNodeMapRef Methods; Dom Package
2-18 Summary of NodeFilter Methods; Dom Package
2-19 Summary of NodeIterator Methods; Dom Package
2-20 Summary of NodeListRef Methods; Dom Package
2-21 Summary of NodeRef Methods; Dom Package
2-22 Summary of NotationRef Methods; Dom Package
2-23 Summary of ProcessingInstructionRef Methods; Dom Package
2-24 Summary of Range Methods; Dom Package
2-25 Summary of RangeException Methods; Dom Package
2-26 Summary of NodeIterator Methods; Dom Package
2-27 Summary of TreeWalker Methods; Dom Package
3-1 Summary of Datatypes; IO Package
3-2 Summary of IO Package Interfaces
4-1 Summary of OracleXml Package Interfaces
5-1 Summary of Datatypes; Parser Package
5-2 Summary of DOMParser Methods; Parser Package
5-3 Summary of GParser Methods; Parser Package
5-4 Summary of ParserException Methods; Parser Package
5-5 Summary of SAXHandler Methods; Parser Package
5-6 Summary of SAXParser Methods; Parser Package
5-7 Summary of SchemaValidator Methods; Parser Package
6-1 Summary of Datatypes; SOAP Package
6-2 Summary of SoapException Interfaces
6-3 Summary of ConnectRef Interfaces
6-4 Summary of MsgFactory Interfaces
7-1 Summary of Datatypes; Tools Package
7-2 Summary of Factory Methods; Tools Package
7-3 Summary of FactoryException Methods; Tools Package
8-1 Summary of Datatypes; XPath Package
8-2 Summary of CompProcessor Methods; XPath Package
8-3 Summary of Compiler Methods; XPath Package
8-4 Summary of NodeSet Methods; XPath Package
8-5 Summary of Processor Methods; XPath Package
8-6 Summary of XPathException Methods; XPath Package
8-7 Summary of XPathObject Methods; XPath Package
9-1 Summary of Datatypes; XPointer Package
9-2 Summary of Processor Methods; XPointer Package
9-3 Summary of XppException Methods; Package XPointer
9-4 Summary of XppLocation Methods; XPointer Package
9-5 Summary of XppLocSet Methods; XPointer Package
10-1 Summary of Datatypes; Xsl Package
10-2 Summary of Compiler Methods; Xsl Package
10-3 Summary of CompTransformer Methods; Xsl Package
10-4 Summary of Transformer Methods; Xsl Package
10-5 Summary of XSLException Methods; Xsl Package