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Oracle® Database XML C API Reference
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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List of Tables

1-1 Summary of C Datatypes
2-1 Summary of Callback Methods
3-1 Summary of Attr Methods; DOM Package
3-2 Summary of CharacterData Method; DOM Package
3-3 Summary of Document Methods; DOM Package
3-4 Summary of DocumentType Methods; DOM Package
3-5 Summary of Element Methods; DOM Package
3-6 Summary of Entity Methods; DOM Package
3-7 Summary of NamedNodeMap Methods; DOM Package
3-8 Summary of Text Methods; DOM Package
3-9 Summary of NodeList Methods; DOM Package
3-10 Summary of NodeList Methods; DOM Package
3-11 Summary of ProcessingInstruction Methods; DOM Package
3-12 Summary of Text Methods; DOM Package
4-1 Summary of DocumentRange Methods; Package Range
4-2 Summary of Range Methods; Package Range
5-1 Summary of SAX Methods
6-1 Summary of Schema Methods
7-1 Summary of SOAP Package Interfaces
8-1 Summary of DocumentTraversal Methods; Traversal Package
8-2 Summary of NodeFileter Methods; Traversal Package
8-3 Summary of NodeIterator Methods; Package Traversal
8-4 Summary of TreeWalker Methods; Traversal Package
9-1 Summary of XML Methods
10-1 Summary of XPath Methods
11-1 Summary of XPointer Methods; Package XPointer
11-2 Summary of XPtrLoc Methods; Package XPointer
11-3 Summary of XPtrLocSet Methods; Package XPointer
12-1 Summary of XSLT Methods
13-1 Summary of XSLTC Methods; XSLTVM Package
13-2 Summary of XSLTVM Methods; Package XSLTVM
A-1 Datatypes Supported by oraxml Package versus xml Package
A-2 Methods of the oraxml Package versus the xml Package