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Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery Basics
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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4 Backing Up Databases Using RMAN

This chapter illlustrates how to perform the most common backup tasks and implement backup strategies using Recovery Manager.

This chapter includes the following topics:


Detailed scenarios and scripts for disk-only and disk-and-tape backup strategies are provided in Appendix A, "RMAN-Based Disk and Tape Backup Strategies: Scenarios". Strategies are categorized by levels of database update activity, disk space to be allocated for backups, and database recoverability requirements. RMAN commands for initial setup and daily and weekly backups are provided for each strategy. Once you have familiarized yourself with the different forms of backup supported by RMAN, including incrementally updated backups and the use of the flash recovery area, refer to the examples in Appendix A for help in planning your own backup strategy.

Many of the backup techniques described in this chapter are also used in the Oracle-provided backup strategy provided by Enterprise Manager and described in Oracle Database 2 Day DBA.

Restore Points and Flashback Database provide functionality that is complementary to the backup capabilities here, in that they allow you to prepare your database so that you can later reverse unwanted changes. Consider incorporating them into your backup and recovery strategy. See Chapter 4, "Backing Up Databases Using RMAN" for more information on these features.