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Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery Basics
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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2.1 Data Recovery Strategy Determines Backup Strategy

To decide on backup strategies, start with your data recovery requirements and your data recovery strategy. Each type of data recovery will require that you take certain types of backup.

Failures can run the gamut from user error, datafile block corruption and media failure to situations like the complete loss of a data center. How quickly you can resume normal operation of your database is a function of what kinds of restore and recovery techniques you include in your planning. Each restore and recovery technique will impose requirements on your backup strategy, including which features of the Oracle database you use to take, store and manage your backups.

When thinking about recovery strategies, ask yourself questions like these:

With these needs in mind, decide how you can take advantage of features related to backup and recovery, and look at how each feature meets some requirement of your backup strategy. For example:

Once you decide which features to use in your recovery strategy, you can plan your backup strategy, answering the following questions, among others:

These are of course only a few of the considerations you should take into account. Available resources (hardware, media, staff, budget, and so on) will also be factors in your decision.