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Oracle® Secure Backup Reference
Release 10.1

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Use the chmf command to alter the attributes of a media family. A media family is a named classification of backup volumes.

See Also:

"Media Family Commands" for related commands


You must have the modify administrative domain's configuration right to use the chmf command.

Usage Notes

Attributes in a media family are applied to a volume in the media family at volume creation time. The media family attributes are part of the volume's attributes. After data is first written to the volume, you cannot change the volume attributes other than by rewriting the volume. If you change the media family attributes, then these changes do not apply to any volumes that have already been created in this family.

Oracle Secure Backup includes a default content-managed media family named RMAN-DEFAULT. You cannot delete or rename this media family, although you can reset any options except for the following:



chmf [ --writewindow/-w duration ] [ --retain/-r duration ]
[ [ --vidunique/-u ] | [ --vidfile/-F vid-pathname ] |
  [ --viddefault/-d  | [ --vidfamily/-f media-family-name ] ]
[ [--inputcomment/-i ] | [ --comment/-c comment ] ]
[ --contentmanaged/-C ] [ --append/-a ] [ --noappend/-A ]


Refer to "mkmf" for descriptions of options that are not included in this section.


Allows input of an optional comment for the media family. After you execute chmf --inputcomment, obtool prompts you to enter the comment. Terminate the comment with a period (.) on a line by itself.

--comment/-c comment

Specifies information that you want to store with the media family. If you choose to embed blanks in the comment, then surround the comment with quotes.

media-family-name ...

Specifies the name of the media family that you want to change.


Example 2-24 creates a time-managed media family called full_bkup. The write window for volumes in the volume is 7 days. Because the retention period is 28 days, a volume in the media family expires 35 days after Oracle Secure Backup first writes to it. The example then changes the retention period from 7 days to 10 days.

Example 2-24 Changing Properties of a Media Family

ob> mkmf --vidunique --writewindow 7days --retain 28days full_bkup
ob> lsmf --long full_bkup
    Write window:           7 days
    Keep volume set:        28 days
    Appendable:             yes
    Volume ID used:         unique to this media family
ob> chmf --writewindow 10days full_bkup
ob> lsmf --long full_bkup
    Write window:           10 days
    Keep volume set:        28 days
    Appendable:             yes
    Volume ID used:         unique to this media family