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Oracle® Secure Backup Reference
Release 10.1

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obtar -zz


Use obtar -zz to display all labels on a volume.


obtar -zz::=

obtar -zz [ -f device ]


You can specify a number of options with obtar -zz; this section describes the option that you are most likely to use. Refer to "obtar Options" to learn about additional obtar -zz options.

-f device

Specifies the name of a backup image file or device. If you omit the -f option, then obtar reads from the device specified by the TAPE environment variable, if it is defined.


As shown in Example 4-31, you can use -zz to display the labels of all backup images on a volume.

Example 4-31 Displaying the Labels of All Backup Images on a Volume

obtar -zzf tape0

Seq  Volume    Volume    Backup Image    Client    Backup    Backup Image Create
#    ID        Tag       File Sect       Host      Level     Date & Time
1    VOL000003             1   1         campy       0       05/01/00 14:08:23
1    VOL000003             2   1         phred       0       05/01/00 15:37:00
1    VOL000003             3   1         mehitibel   0       05/01/00 15:38:08