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Oracle® Retail Data Model Installation Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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1 Installation Overview

This guide explains how to install Oracle Retail Data Model. Once the installation is complete, the warehouse is ready for data population and analysis. You can use the included SQL scripts to load various types of entities and to populate and build Oracle Retail Data Model data mining models.

Before you install Oracle Retail Data Model, read Oracle Retail Data Model Release Notes.

Installation of Oracle Retail Data Model requires the following steps:

  1. Verify that your system is one of the Supported Platforms.

  2. Verify that your system satisfies the hardware requirements described in Hardware Requirements.

  3. Verify that your system satisfies the software requirements described in Software Requirements. Install any missing software.

  4. Install the Oracle Retail Data Model database component, as described in Database Objects Installation.

  5. Install and configure Oracle OLAP for your system as described in OLAP Installation and Configuration.

Oracle Retail Data Model includes sample schemas and reports that you may find useful when you develop your own schemas and reports. The sample reports are provided on an as-is basis; they are not supported by Oracle. The sample schemas are the ORDM schema with data that enables you to run the sample reports. Before you install the sample schemas and reports, you must perform an additional post installation task. Appendix A describes how to install the schemas and reports.

If you must deinstall Oracle Retail Data Model, follow the directions in DeInstallation.


You must deinstall Oracle Retail Data Model before you re-install it.

After you install Oracle Retail Data Model, you must create your data model; for instructions, see the Oracle Retail Data Model Operations Guide. The Oracle Retail Data Model Operations Guide describes other tasks that you can perform, including creating (building) mining models.

If you install Oracle Retail Data Model and then update the underlying Oracle Database, you may have to re-install or modify Oracle Retail Data Model components. For details, see Appendix B.