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Oracle® Transparent Gateway for Teradata Administrator's Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2) for Microsoft Windows

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4 Case Studies

The following case studies for Teradata demonstrate some of the features of the Oracle Transparent Gateway. You can verify that the gateway is installed and operating correctly by using the demonstration files included on the distribution CD-ROM.

The demonstration files are automatically copied to disk when the gateway is installed.

This chapter contains the following sections:

4.1 Case Descriptions

The cases illustrate:

4.2 CD-ROM Contents

The distribution CD-ROM contains the following:

4.3 Demonstration Files

After a successful gateway installation, use the demonstration files stored in the directory ORACLE_HOME\tg4tera\demo, where ORACLE_HOME is the directory under which the gateway is installed. The directory contains the demonstration files, as listed in the following table:

Demonstration Files Demonstration Files
bldtera.sql case4c.sql
case1.sql case5.sql
case2.sql case6a.sql
case3.sql case6b.sql
case4a.sql droptera.sql
case4b.sql -

4.4 Demonstration Requirements

The case studies assume these requirements have been met:

4.5 Creating Demonstration Tables

The case studies are based on the GTW_EMP, GTW_DEPT, and GTW_SALGRADE tables. If the demonstration tables have not been created in the Teradata database, use the bldtera.sql script to create them.

The script creates the demonstration tables in the Teradata database accordingly:


4.5.1 Demonstration Table Definitions

The table definitions are listed in the following sections using information retrieved by the SQL*PLUS DESCRIBE command:


Name                            Null?    Type------------------------------- -------- ----EMPNO                           NOT NULL NUMBER(5)ENAME                                    VARCHAR2(10)JOB                                      VARCHAR2(9)MGR                                      NUMBER(5)HIREDATE                                 DATESAL                                      NUMBER(7,2)COMM                                     NUMBER(7,2)DEPTNO                                   NUMBER(5)


Name                            Null?    Type------------------------------- -------- ----DEPTNO                          NOT NULL NUMBER(5)DNAME                                    VARCHAR2(14)LOC                                      VARCHAR2(13)


Name                            Null?    Type------------------------------- -------- ----GRADE                                    FLOAT(49)LOSAL                                    NUMBER(9,4)HISAL                                    NUMBER(9,4)

4.5.2 Demonstration Table Contents

The contents of the Teradata tables are:


EMPNO ENAME   JOB         MGR   HIREDATE   SAL   COMM   DEPTNO----- -----   ---         ---   --------   ---   ----   ------7369  SMITH   CLERK       7902  17-DEC-80   800             207499  ALLEN   SALESMAN    7698  20-FEB-81  1600   300       307521  WARD    SALESMAN    7698  22-FEB-81  1250   500       307566  JONES   MANAGER     7839  02-APR-81  2975             207654  MARTIN  SALESMAN    7698  28-SEP-81  1250  1400       307698  BLAKE   MANAGER     7839  01-MAY-81  2850             307782  CLARK   MANAGER     7839  09-JUN-81  2450             107788  SCOTT   ANALYST     7566  09-DEC-82  3000             207839  KING    PRESIDENT         17-NOV-81  5000             107844  TURNER  SALESMAN    7698  08-SEP-81  1500     0       307876  ADAMS   CLERK       7788  12-JAN-83  1100             207900  JAMES   CLERK       7698  03-DEC-81   950             307902  FORD    ANALYST     7566  03-DEC-81  3000             207934  MILLER  CLERK       7782  23-JAN-82  1300             10


DEPTNO DNAME          LOC ----- -------------- --------   10 ACCOUNTING     NEW YORK   20 RESEARCH       DALLAS   30 SALES          CHICAGO   40 OPERATIONS     BOSTON 


GRADE      LOSAL      HISAL------     ------     -----    1        700      1200    2       1201      1400    3       1401      2000    4       2001      3000    5       3001      9999

4.6 Case 1: Simple Queries

Case 1 demonstrates the following:

The first query retrieves all the data from GTW_DEPT and confirms that the gateway is working correctly. The second query retrieves all the data from GTW_EMP including the time portion of the hire date because the default date format was set to DD-MON-YY HH24:MM:SS for the session by an ALTER SESSION command.

4.7 Case 2: A More Complex Query

Case 2 demonstrates the following:

This query retrieves the departments from GTW_EMP whose total monthly expenses are higher than $10,000.

4.8 Case 3: Joining Teradata Tables

Case 3 demonstrates the following:

The query retrieves information from three Teradata tables and relates the employees to their department name and salary grade, but only for those employees earning more than the average salary.

4.9 Case 4: Write Capabilities

Case 4 is split into three cases and demonstrates the following:

4.9.1 DELETE Statement

Case 4a demonstrates bind values and subselect. All employees in department 20 and one employee, WARD, in department 30 are deleted.

4.9.2 UPDATE Statement

Case 4b provides an example of a simple UPDATE statement. In this example, employees are given a $100 monthly salary increase.

4.9.3 INSERT Statement

Case 4c is an example of a simple insert statement that does not provide information for all columns.

4.10 Case 5: Data Dictionary Query

Case 5 demonstrates data dictionary mapping. It retrieves all the tables and views that exist in the Teradata database that begin with "GTW".

4.11 Case 6: The Pass-Through Feature

Case 6 demonstrates the gateway pass-through feature which allows an application to send commands or statements to Teradata.

This case demonstrates:

4.11.1 UPDATE Statement

Case 6a provides an example of a pass-through UPDATE statement with bind variables. In this example, the salary for EMPNO 7934 is set to 4000.

4.11.2 SELECT Statement

Case 6b provides an example of a pass-through SELECT statement. The data that is returned from the SELECT statement is inserted into a local table at the Oracle database server.