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Oracle® Database Vault Installation Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2) for hp OpenVMS

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A How to Stop Processes in an Existing Oracle Real Application Clusters Database

This appendix describes how to stop all processes in an Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database, in preparation for installing Database Vault.


Before you make any changes to the Oracle software, Oracle recommends that you create a backup of the Oracle Database installation.

To stop all processes in an Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database, use the following steps:


You must perform these steps in the order listed.
  1. Establish the Oracle Database logical name as follows:

    1. Login to OpenVMS using the Oracle 10.2 administrator's account.

    2. Run ORAUSER for the installation you want to upgrade.

      For example,

      $ @DISK:[DIR]ORAUSER 'sid'

      In this example, DISK:[DIR] is the location of the existing installation.

  2. Shut down any processes in the Oracle home on each node that can access a database.

  3. Shut down all RAC instances on all nodes. To shut down all RAC instances for a database, enter the following command, where db_name is the name of the database:

    $ SRVCTL STOP DATABASE "-d" db_name
  4. Stop the database listener.

    $ SRVCTL STOP LISTENER "-n" node_name

    Here, node_name is the name of the database listener on the node where the command is run.


    You must run the preceding command on all nodes. You can run the SRVCTL command from any node in the Oracle RAC cluster.