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Oracle® Streams Advanced Queuing User's Guide and Reference
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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List of Figures

1-1 Integrated Application Environment Using Oracle Streams AQ
1-2 Client/Server Communication Using Oracle Streams AQ
1-3 Communication Using a Multiconsumer Queue
1-4 Explicit and Implicit Recipients of Messages
1-5 Implementing a Workflow using Oracle Streams AQ
1-6 Point-to-Point Messaging
1-7 Publish/Subscribe Mode
1-8 Implementing Publish/Subscribe using Oracle Streams AQ
1-9 Message Propagation in Oracle Streams AQ
1-10 Transformations in Application Integration
1-11 Architecture for Performing Oracle Streams AQ Operations Using HTTP
6-1 Architecture for Performing Oracle Streams AQ Operations Using HTTP
6-2 HTTP Oracle Streams AQ Propagation
11-1 Structure of Oracle Streams AQ Entries in LDAP Server
17-1 Messaging Gateway Architecture
20-1 Non-JMS Message Conversion
20-2 Oracle Streams AQ Message Conversion
20-3 Message Conversion for WebSphere MQ Using MGW_BASIC_MSG_T
20-4 Message Conversion for TIB/Rendezvous
20-5 JMS Message Propagation
23-1 Example Oracle Streams Messaging Environment