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Oracle® Text Application Developer's Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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List of Figures

1-1 Overview of Text Query Application
1-2 Flowchart of a query application
1-3 A Catalog Query Application
1-4 Flowchart of a Catalog Query Application
1-5 Overview of a Document Classification Application
2-1 Auction table schema and CTXCAT index
2-2 Overview of a Document Classification Application
3-1 Oracle Text Indexing Process
3-2 Different Ways of Storing Text
3-3 Auction Table Schema and CTXCAT Index
5-1 Sample Document for Highlighting, Gisting, and Theme Extraction
5-2 Pet Highlighted in Pet Magnet Document
5-3 Query Application Displaying Document Themes
5-4 Query Application Presenting Document Gist
6-1 Overview of a Document Classification Application
A-1 The Text Query Application
A-2 The Text Query Application with Results
A-3 The PSP Web Application
B-1 Screen shot of Web Query Application