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Oracle® Data Provider for .NET Developer's Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2)

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OracleParameterStatus Enumeration

The OracleParameterStatus enumeration type indicates whether a NULL value is fetched from a column, or truncation has occurred during the fetch, or a NULL value is to be inserted into a database column.

Table 5-104 lists all the OracleParameterStatus enumeration values with a description of each enumerated value.

Table 5-104 OracleParameterStatus Members

Member Name Description
Success Indicates that (for input parameters) the input value has been assigned to the column. For output parameter, it indicates that the provider assigned an intact value to the parameter.
NullFetched Indicates that a NULL value has been fetched from a column or an OUT parameter
NullInsert Indicates that a NULL value is to be inserted into a column
Truncation Indicates that truncation has occurred when fetching the data from the column


Namespace: Oracle.DataAccess.Client

Assembly: Oracle.DataAccess.dll