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Oracle Workflow User's Guide
Release 2.6.4
Part Number B15854-05
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Oracle Workflow User's Guide


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Overview of Oracle Workflow

Overview of Oracle Workflow for Users
      Major Features and Definitions
      Workflow Processes

Oracle Workflow Home Page

Accessing the Oracle Workflow Home Page
Setting User Preferences
Accessing the Oracle Workflow Self-Service Home Page

Viewing Notifications and Processing Responses

Overview of Notification Handling
Reviewing Notifications via Electronic Mail
Reviewing a Summary of Your Notifications via Electronic Mail
Viewing Notifications from a Web Browser for Standalone Oracle Workflow
Defining Rules for Automatic Notification Processing for Standalone Oracle Workflow
Viewing Notifications from a Web Browser for Oracle Applications
Vacation Rules for Oracle Applications
Viewing Notifications from the Personal Worklist

Monitoring Workflow Processes

Monitoring Workflow Processes with the Self-Service Monitor
Viewing Workflows in the Status Monitor
Viewing Notification History
Viewing a Status Diagram
Viewing Responses
Viewing Error Information for a Workflow

Oracle Workflow User Navigation Paths

Oracle Workflow User Navigation Paths

Oracle Workflow User Personalizations

Oracle Workflow User Personalizations
      Self-Service Home Page
      Advanced Worklist
      Notification Details Page
      Personal Worklist