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Oracle® Database Gateway for APPC Installation and Configuration Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1) for Microsoft Windows

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2 Release Information

This chapter provides information about this release of the Oracle Database Gateway for APPC. It contains the following section:

2.1 Known Restrictions

The following sections list the known restrictions for the Oracle Database Gateway for APPC and PGAU.

2.1.1 Known Restrictions for the Gateway

The following restrictions are known to exist in this release of the Oracle Database Gateway for APPC.

Multibyte Character Sets Are Not Supported for Numeric Data and Clauses

The Oracle Database Gateway for APPC has supported multibyte character set data for COBOL PIC G datatypes since version 3.4. However, the non-numeric character data (such as $, (,), +, -,.) that is allowed in DISPLAY datatypes and PIC 9 edit masks must still be specified in EBCDIC. The non-numeric character data is not subject to MBCS translation.

CICS Transactions Do Not Allow PF Key Emulation

When performing a CICS transaction using the Oracle Database Gateway for APPC, you cannot emulate CICS PF keys.

APPC PIP Data Is Not Supported

You cannot define and transmit APPC PIP data in this release of the Oracle Database Gateway for APPC.

Floating Point Data Type Conversion Is Not Supported

Conversion of the floating point datatype is not supported by the Oracle Database Gateway for APPC.

Transaction Programs Are Responsible for All Data Compression and Decompression

The Oracle Database Gateway for APPC does not provide exits for compression and decompression facilities. All data exchanged between the gateway and the transaction must be in uncompressed format.

IBM VS COBOL II Compiler Desupported

The IBM VS COBOL II compiler has been desupported. However, the string "IBMVSCOBOLII" is still used as the value of the compiler name parameter to represent any COBOL compiler you choose to use. The value IBMVSCOBOLII should still be used and does not create a dependency on any specific version of the compiler.

2.1.2 Known Restrictions for PGAU


When COBOL input to the PGAU DEFINE DATA statement contains a COPY REPLACE clause, only the first replacement is made.