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Oracle® Clusterware Installation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1) for Microsoft Windows

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A Troubleshooting the Oracle Clusterware Installation Process

This appendix provides troubleshooting information for installing Oracle Clusterware. The topics in this appendix are:

A.1 General Installation Issues

The following is a list of examples of types of errors that can occur during installation:

Nodes unavailable for selection from the OUI Node Selection screen
Cause: Oracle Clusterware is either not installed, or the Oracle Clusterware services are not up and running.
Action: Install Oracle Clusterware, or review the status of your Oracle Clusterware. Consider restarting the nodes, as doing so may resolve the problem.
Node nodename is unreachable
Cause: Unavailable IP host
Action: Attempt the following:
  1. Run the command ipconfig /all. Compare the output of this command with the contents of the C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file to ensure that the node IP is listed.

  2. Run the command nslookup to see if the host is reachable.

Time stamp is in the future
Cause: One or more nodes has a different clock time than the local node. If this is the case, then you may see output similar to the following:
time stamp 2005-04-04 14:49:49 is 106 s in the future
Action: Ensure that all member nodes of the cluster have the same clock time.

A.2 Oracle Clusterware Install Actions Log Errors and Causes

The following is a list of potential errors in the installActions.log:

Each of these error messages can be caused by one of the following issues:

A.2.1 The OCFS format is not recognized on one or more of the remote cluster nodes

If you are using OCFS for your OCR and Voting disk partitions, then:

  1. Leave the OUI window in place.

  2. Restart the second node, and any additional nodes.

  3. Retry the assistants

A.2.2 Timing issue with start of the OracleCSService:

If you think the cause may be a timing issue, then:

  1. Leave the OUI window in place.

  2. Start the OracleCSService manually on all nodes. You may also need to start the OracleObjectService manually.

  3. Retry the assistants

A.2.3 You are on a Windows 2003 system, and Automount of new drives is not enabled:

If this is true, then:

For Oracle RAC on Windows 2003, you must issue the following commands on all nodes:

automount enable

If you are already failing at the configuration assistants and this has not yet been run on all nodes in the cluster, you will need to clean up your Oracle Clusterware install, issue this command on all nodes, reboot all nodes, and start the Oracle Clusterware install again.

A.2.4 You have entered a period in one of the node names during Oracle Clusterware install

Periods (".") are not permitted in node names. Instead, use a hyphen ("-").

To resolve a failed installation, remove traces of the Oracle installation, and reinstall with a permitted node name.

A.2.5 Node1 failed to startup service OracleEVMService, err(1053)

The installation requires dll: MSVCP60.DLL. Copying MSVCP60.DLL to c:\winnt\system32 should allow EVM to start.

A.2.6 Step 1: checking status of Oracle Clusterware clusterStep 2: configuring OCR repositoryignoring upgrade failure of ocr(-1073740972)

This error indicates that the user that is performing installation does not have Administrator privileges.