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Oracle® Database Online Documentation Library Master Glossary: Q
11g Release 1 (11.1)

Find the term you want in the alphabetical list, and click on the link to see its definition. The definition is displayed in its own small window, which you can close after reading the definition. When a term is defined in more than one book, each definition is listed.

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Glossary Definitions

quantile binning (Data Mining Concepts) 

query block (Concepts) 

Query Optimizer (Performance Tuning Guide) 

query rewrite (Data Warehousing Guide) 

query transformer (Performance Tuning Guide) 

query window (Spatial Developer's Guide) 

query (Spatial Developer's Guide) 

queue forwarding (Streams Concepts and Administration) 

queue table (Streams Concepts and Administration) 

queue (Streams Concepts and Administration) 

quota (Platform Guide for Microsoft Windows)