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11g Release 1 (11.1)

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ALL_MVIEW_LOGS describes all materialized view logs accessible to the current user.

Related Views

Column Datatype NULL Description
LOG_OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Owner of the materialized view log
MASTER VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the master table or master materialized view whose changes are logged
LOG_TABLE VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the table where the changes to the master table or master materialized view are logged
LOG_TRIGGER VARCHAR2(30)   Obsolete with Oracle8i and later. Set to NULL. Formerly, this parameter was an after-row trigger on the master which inserted rows into the log.
ROWIDS VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether rowid information is recorded (YES) or not (NO)
PRIMARY_KEY VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether primary key information is recorded (YES) or not (NO)
OBJECT_ID VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether object identifier information in an object table is recorded (YES) or not (NO)
FILTER_COLUMNS VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether filter column information is recorded (YES) or not (NO)
SEQUENCE VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether the sequence value, which provides additional ordering information, is recorded (YES) or not (NO)
INCLUDE_NEW_VALUES VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether both old and new values are recorded (YES) or old values are recorded but new values are not recorded (NO)