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Oracle® Database Lite Administration and Deployment Guide
10g (10.3.0)

Part Number B28922-01
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10 Using the Application Server OID With Mobile Server

If you decide to use OID in OracleAS, then after you install the application server and Oracle Mobile Lite, perform the following:

  1. Migrate any existing Mobile users to OID (See Section 3.6, "Migrate Your Users From the Mobile Server Repository to the Oracle Internet Directory" in the Oracle Database Lite Getting Started Guide).

  2. Use the Mobile Manager to edit the configuration file (webtogo.ora) and set SSO_ENABLED=YES. Do not edit the webtogo.ora file directly. In the Mobile Manager, migrate to the Administration tab and select Edit Config file. This is the webtogo.ora file.

  3. Restart the application server.

  4. Navigate to the Users tab in the Mobile Manager, which displays all users in OID. Select the users to enable for Mobile Server and enable these users. Assign the appropriate application to these users.

  5. Install the Mobile client and synchronize using one of the users you enabled.