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Oracle® Database Lite Administration and Deployment Guide
10g (10.3.0)

Part Number B28922-01
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14 Adding Popular URLs as Bookmarks to Mobile Server Main Page

When you first bring up the Mobile Workspace, before you choose to go to the Mobile Manager, there is a Bookmark tab at the top of the page that lists popular URLs that an administrator has set up. These are URLs that are used often enough that you want to have them easily available.

As an administrator, you can set up these bookmarks through the Administration page as detailed in the following sections:

14.1 Setting Up Popular URLs as Bookmarks

To add bookmarks to popular URLs, click Administration, as seen in Figure 14-1.

Figure 14-1 Administration Page

The Administration page.
Description of "Figure 14-1 Administration Page"

Click Bookmarks. As Figure 14-2 displays, the Bookmarks page appears.

Figure 14-2 Bookmarks Page

The Bookmarks page.
Description of "Figure 14-2 Bookmarks Page"

Click Add Bookmark. As Figure 14-3 displays, the Add Bookmarks page appears.

Figure 14-3 Add Bookmarks Page

This image displays the Add Bookmarks page.
Description of "Figure 14-3 Add Bookmarks Page"

Enter data under the Bookmark Properties section as described in Table 14-1 and click Save. You are returned to the Mobile Server Bookmarks page which lists your bookmark.

Table 14-1 Bookmark Properties Description

Field Description

Site URL

Web site URL of your Mobile application. Choose the appropriate protocol from the list displayed. For example, to indicate a Web site address, choose http. To indicate a secure Web site address, choose https. To indicate a file transfer site address, choose ftp.

Site Name

Web site name of your Mobile application. For example,


Brief description of the Web site

14.2 Deleting Bookmarks

To delete bookmarks, navigate to the Bookmarks page and select the Bookmark that you want to delete. Click Delete.

To reset the bookmarks page, click Reset.