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Oracle® Database Lite Developer's Guide
10g (10.3.0)

Part Number B28923-01
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1 Overview

2 The Oracle Database Lite RDBMS

3 Synchronization

4 Invoking Synchronization APIs from Applications

5 Using Mobile Database Workbench to Create Publications

6 Developing Mobile Web-to-Go Applications

7 Using the Packaging Wizard

8 Native Application Development

9 Java Application Development

10 JDBC Programming

11 Stored Procedures and Triggers

12 Using Simple Object Data Access (SODA) for PocketPC Platforms

13 Oracle Database Lite ADO.NET Provider

14 Using Symbian Devices

15 Oracle Database Lite Transaction Support

16 Oracle Database Lite Security

17 Tutorial for Building Mobile Web-to-Go Applications

18 Tutorial for Building Mobile Web Applications Using ADF/BC4J

19 Tutorial for Building Mobile Applications for Win32

20 Tutorial for Building Mobile Applications for Windows CE

A Oracle Lite Database Utilities