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Oracle® HTML DB Installation Guide
Release 1.6

Part Number B14498-02
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1 Oracle HTML DB Installation Overview

Overview of the Installation Process
Understanding the Installation Process
Upgrading from a Previous Version of Oracle HTML DB

2 Oracle HTML DB Installation Requirements

Oracle Database Requirement
Checking the shared_pool_size of the Target Database
Oracle HTTP Server Requirement
Disk Space Requirements
Oracle XML DB Requirement
Oracle Text Requirement

3 Installing the Software

Recommended Pre-installation Tasks
Installing the Oracle HTML DB Software

4 Oracle HTML DB Post-installation Tasks

Required Post-installation Tasks
Copying the Images Directory
Copying the Images Directory When Upgrading
Copying the Images Directory in New Installation
Configuring Oracle HTTP Server When Upgrading
Oracle HTTP Server Release 9.0.3
Oracle HTTP Server 10g Release 1 or Oracle Application Server 10g
Configuring Oracle HTTP Server in a New Installation
Oracle HTTP Server Release 9.0.3
Modifying the Oracle9i File
Modifying the Oracle9i httpd.conf File
Oracle HTTP Server 10g Release 1 or Oracle Application Server 10g
Installing Oracle HTML DB in Other Languages
Obfuscating PlsqlDatabasePassword Parameter
Obfuscating Passwords in a New Installation
Obfuscating Passwords if Upgrading
Logging in to Oracle HTML DB
Accessing the Oracle HTML DB Login Page

A Oracle HTML DB Troubleshooting

Reviewing a Log of an Installation Session
Cleaning Up After a Failed Installation
After a Failed Upgrade Installation
After a Failed New Installation
Images Displaying Incorrectly in Oracle HTML DB