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Custom controls that are rendered as buttons in the user interface. MiniButtons are commonly used in Siebel applications. The appearance and client-side functionality of minibuttons are defined in the CCHtmlType.swf file, located in the WEBTMPL folder of your Siebel installation folder. There are several types of minibuttons, including MiniButton, MiniButtonEdit, MiniButtonEditNew, MiniButtonEditQuery

For more information about .swf file, see Creating Custom HTML Control Types.

Minibuttons can be used with controls that have a Method Invoked property defined. This can be a built-in method supplied with Siebel applications or a custom method programmed in Siebel VB or Siebel eScript. When the button is clicked, the method is invoked.

The Runtime property of a button control must be set to TRUE. Otherwise the method associated with it will not execute.

To enable a button the WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod event must be scripted to set its CanInvoke parameter to TRUE.

eScript example:

function WebApplet_PreCanInvokeMethod (MethodName, &CanInvoke)


if( MethodName == "Map" ) {

CanInvoke = "TRUE";

return( CancelOperation );

}else {

return (ContinueOperation);



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