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About Search and Find in SWE Templates

The Siebel Web client provide users with multiple methods of locating records by merging the functions of search, find, and query in a unified search model. You can configure templates to display application-level search and query features and applet-level query features. Specialized Siebel tags are used to render the Search and Find applet, and the Results applet.

About Search and Find Applet Tags

Search and find tags are used to display the Basic and Advanced Search or Find applets. The tags are <swe:srchCategoryList>, <swe:srchCategory>, <swe:srchCategoryText>, and <swe:srchCategoryControl>.








The syntax for each tag is described as follows:

Search Tag: <swe:srchCategoryList>

Search Tag: <swe:srchCategory>

Search Tag: <swe:srchCategoryText>

Search Tag: <swe:srchCategoryControl>

About Search Result Applet Tags

Search results tags are used to display the Search/Find results list applet. Search results tags appear in the CCListBodySearchResults.swt and dCCListBodySearchResults.swt templates, and include the following tags: <swe:srchResultFieldList>, <swe:srchResultField>, and <swe:this>.



<swe:srchResultField><td align="swe:this.TextAlignment" class="Row"><swe:this property="FormattedHtml"/>&nbsp;</td>



The syntax for these tags is described in the following:

Search Result Tag: <swe:srchResultFieldList>

Search Result Tag: <swe:srchResultField>

Search Result Tag: <swe:this>

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