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About Querying and Multilingual Lists of Values

To run queries against fields that are controlled by MLOVs, use the Display Value for the search specification; do not use the Language Independent Code for querying. Querying will translate the search specification to the appropriate Language Independent Code to perform the query.

The Display Value used as the search specification should correspond to the Language being used by the application performing the query. If the query is being run through one of the Siebel interfaces (such as CORBA or COM), then the Language used for this translation is specified in the .cfg file used with the interface.

There is no difference to the user in the apparent functionality of the product when MLOVs are on or off. Internally, searches are applied using a function applied to the language-independent code. You can also do this with predefined queries and search expressions in the repository by using the same function (LookupValue (LOV Type, Language-Independent Code)). For more information about the LookupValue function and how it is used with MLOVs, see MLOV Configuration and Coding Guidelines.

For more information about Query Operators and Expressions, see Siebel Developer's Reference.

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