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Setting Up an Employee in Your Siebel Application

After users have a database account, you can set up these database users as Siebel application users.

As the Siebel application administrator, you are able to:

  • Add or delete a user
  • Add multiple positions, responsibilities, organizations, and territories to a user
  • Remove all positions connected to a user

This task can be done by an administrator in your organization or an administrator at a partner organization whose responsibility allows them access to the view.

Initially, you want to set up employee records. However, you also need to set up partners, users, and persons. The procedures for setting up other types of users are similar to the procedures for setting up employees.

To add an employee

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Site Map > Administration - User > Employees.

    The Employees view appears.

  2. Add a new record.
  3. Select at least one responsibility. You can also add organizations and positions.
  4. Complete the additional fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    User ID

    Enter the user ID for this employee in uppercase letters for compatibility across databases.


    Applicable only when using LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory for login authentication. Otherwise, it is not editable. For more information about parameter setups to make the field editable when using LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory, read Siebel Security Guide.


    The user's position. Positions and their employees are defined for NREC in the section Setting Up Positions and Position Skills.


    The user's responsibilities. Associating responsibilities with users is described in the section Associating Responsibilities with a User.

  5. Repeat these steps for each employee you need to add.
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