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Assessment of Benefits Using Templates and Activities

A manager can assign benefits and services assessment activities to field agents on the team. The activity plan specifies the list of activities or the business processes that must be completed by the agents working on a case. For example, the activity plan for a case might include an assessment activity to determine if the benefits application is complete. The agent assigned the activity might use a predefined assessment template to complete the task.

Assessment templates with associated attributes are set up using the Administration - Data screen's Sales Assessment Templates view. Activity plans with associated activities are set up using the Administration - Data screen's Activity Templates view.

An assessment is a set of questions that can be used to evaluate a case. For example, assessment questions might include the following:

  • Does the application meet the basic criteria for acceptance?
  • Did the applicant provide sufficient evidence to support receiving benefits?
  • Are additional evaluations required?
  • Has the case reached a point where it should be closed?

The agent assigned the activity can begin the activity by opening the case record, and associating a predefined assessment template with the case. Most assessments can be completed using the Case Assessments view. For those assessments that are more complex, or that require a specific form to be completed, the agency can create a report and attach the report and supporting documentation to the case record. Alternatively, Oracle's Siebel SmartScript and Oracle's Siebel eAdvisor can be used to manage more complex assessments, and automatically match data to program criteria.

The agent conducting an assessment of the individual's information might verify employment and household information, assets and liabilities, and medical diagnoses. A personal interview with the applicant may be warranted.

For information on creating assessment templates with attributes, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

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