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Oracle® Application Express Application Migration Guide
Release 3.1.2

Part Number E12854-01
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3 Managing Your Migration Projects

If you upload a newer version of the export file and create a new migration project from that, you might want to delete the previous migration project.

When you delete a migration project, you delete only the metadata associated with the migration project. Deleting a migration project does not delete or impact applications you have generated from the project or any objects, such as tables or views, in the schemas associated with your workspaces.

This section contains the following topics:

Deleting a Migration Projects

To delete a migration project:

  1. Log in to Oracle Application Express.

  2. Under Migrations on the right side of the Workspace home page, click the Application Migrations link.

  3. On the Application Migrations page, click the project you want to delete.

  4. On the project page, click Delete Project from the Tasks list on the right.

  5. Click the Delete Project button and confirm the deletion.