Essbase Technical Reference

Release 9.3.1

Oracle’s Essbase® Technical Reference describes commands, functions, and configuration aspects of Essbase. This reference is intended for advanced users who need detailed information and examples about Essbase elements. This reference contains the following categories:

Calculation Functions Calculation functions enable you to write member formulas and database calculations.
Calculation Commands Calculation commands enable you to write customized calculation scripts.
MaxL MaxL (Multidimensional Access Language) has two domains:
  • Data Definition Language (MaxL DDL) is for system administration.
  • Data Manipulation Language (MDX) is for accessing data and metadata.
Configuration Topics Configuration options are available for Essbase.
Unicode File Utility The Essbase Unicode File Utility enables you to modify text files to be used with Unicode-mode applications.
Report Commands Report Writer is a command-based script language for extracting data and building reports. We also recommend you try MDX.
ESSCMD ESSCMD is a command-line interface for Essbase. We also recommend you try MaxL DDL.
About the Technical Reference Who should use this document, and how it is organized.

For other information about Essbase, see the Hyperion Essbase - System 9 Database Administrator's Guide.