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Oracle® Identity Manager Connector Guide for CA Top Secret Advanced
Release 9.0.4

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What's New in the Oracle Identity Manager Advanced Connector for CA Top Secret?

1 About the Connector

2 Connector Deployment on Oracle Identity Manager

3 Connector Deployment on the Mainframe

4 Using the Connector

5 Extending the Functionality of the Connector

6 Troubleshooting

7 Known Issues and Workarounds

A Authorized Libraries

B AES 128 User Key Definition and Usage

C Top Secret CFILE -> LDAP Attribute Mapping

D Top-Secret CFILE Processing

E Provisioning Methods for OIM Adapters

F LOADDSN Member and the File Contents

G Reconciliation Agent (Voyager) Messages

H Provisioning Agent (Pioneer) Messages

I Pioneer Searches – Initiated from the LDAP

J Pioneer and Voyager LONG_FDTNAME=Y Processing

K Mainframe Language Environment Runtime Options