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Oracle® Identity Manager Connector Guide for Microsoft Active Directory
Release 9.0.4

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D Code for a Sample Transformation Class

When you use this connector, you can transform reconciled data according to your requirements. This feature has been described earlier in Appendix B, along with the discussion on the TransformLookupCode attribute.

If you want to apply a certain transformation on a specific attribute, then you must incorporate the required logic in a Java class. Such a transformation class must implement the com.thortech.xl.schedule.tasks.AttributeTransformer interface and the transform method.

The following is one such sample class.

package com.thortech.xl.schedule.tasks;
public class AttributeTransformer implements AttributeTransformer {      
           public AttributeTransformer(){
                * @param inValue: This is the input string to be transformed.
                * @return String: This is the string that is returned.
                public String transform(String inValue){
                              return inValue;

This sample class contains the method that must be implemented for reconciliation. The method defined in this class accepts, transforms, and returns a string value.