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Oracle® Identity Manager Connector Guide for SAP CUA
Release 9.0.4

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A Attribute Mappings Between Oracle Identity Manager and SAP CUA

The following table discusses attribute mappings between Oracle Identity Manager and SAP CUA.


Some Asian languages use multibyte character sets. If the character limit for the fields in the target system is specified in bytes, then the number of Asian-language characters that you can enter in a particular field may be less than the number of English-language characters that you can enter in the same field. The following example illustrates this limitation:

Suppose you can enter 50 characters of English in the User Last Name field of the target system. If you have configured the target system for the Japanese language, then you would not be able to enter more than 25 characters in the same field.

Oracle Identity Manager Attribute SAP CUA Attribute Description
Password BAPIPWD Password
UserTitle TITLE_P Title
LastName LASTNAME Last name
FirstName FIRSTNAME First name
Function FUNCTION Function
Department DEPARTMENT Department
RoomNo ROOM_NO_P Room number
Floor FLOOR_P Floor number
Building BUILDING_P Building number
LangComm LANGU_P Communication language
Telephone TEL1_NUMBR Telephone number
Extension TEL1_EXT Extension for the telephone number
Fax FAX_NUMBER Fax number
Email E_MAIL E-mail address
CommType COMM_TYPE Communication type
Alias USERALIAS User alias
UserGroup CLASS Group to which the user is assigned
UserType USTYP Type of user
StartMenu START_MENU Default menu displayed when the user logs in
LangLogon LANGU Logon language
DecimalNotation DCPFM Decimal notation
TimeZone TZONE Time zone
DateFormat DATFM Date format
UserRole AGR_NAME Multivalue attribute for roles
UserProfile PROFILE Multivalue attribute for profiles
SystemName SUBSYSTEM System name where this role/profile exists