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Oracle® Identity Manager Connector Guide for IBM RACF Advanced
Release 9.0.4

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6 Troubleshooting

Table 6-1 describes solutions to some problems that you might encounter while using the connector.

Table 6-1 Troubleshooting Tips

Problem Description Solution

Oracle Identity Manager cannot establish a connection with IBM RACF.

  • Ensure that the mainframe is running.

  • Verify that the required ports are working.

  • Due to the nature of the Provisioning Agent, the LDAP Gateway must be started first, and then the mainframe JCL started task must be started. This is a requirement based on how TCP/IP operates. Check that the IP address of the server that hosts the LDAP Gateway is configured in the Reconciliation Agent JCL.

  • Read the LDAP Gateway logs to determine if messages are being sent or received.

  • Verify that the IP address, administrator ID, and administrator password are correctly specified in the IT resource. See one of the following guides for information about viewing and modifying IT resources:

    For Oracle Identity Manager release 9.1.0.x: Oracle Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Identity Manager

    For Oracle Identity Manager release 11.1.1: Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Identity Manager

  • Verify that the mainframe user account and password have not been changed.

The mainframe does not appear to respond.

  • Check the connection information that you have provided in the IT resource and the file.

  • Check the logs. If any of the mainframe JCL jobs have reached an abnormal end, then make the required corrections and rerun the jobs.

A particular use case does not work as expected.

Check for the use case event in the LDAP Gateway logs. Then check for the event in the specific log assigned to the IBM RACF Advanced connector that you are using.

  • If the event has not been recorded in either of these logs, then investigate the connection between Oracle Identity Manager and the LDAP Gateway.

  • If the event is in the log but the command has not had the intended change on a mainframe user profile, then check for configuration and connections between the LDAP Gateway and the mainframe.

Verify that the message transport layer is working.

The LDAP Gateway fails and stops working.

If this problem occurs, then the Reconciliation Agent stops sending messages to the LDAP Gateway. Instead, it stores them in the subpool cache.

When this happens, restart the LDAP Gateway instance so that the Reconciliation Agent reads the subpool cache and resends the messages.

The LDAP Gateway is running. However, the Reconciliation Agent fails and stops working

If this problem occurs, then all event data is sent to the subpool cache. If the mainframe fails, then all messages are written to the disk.

When this happens, restart the Reconciliation Agent so that it reads messages from the disk or subpool cache and resends the messages.