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Oracle® Identity Manager Connector Guide for Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System
Release 9.0.4

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4 Testing and Troubleshooting

After you deploy and configure the connector, you must test it to ensure that it functions as expected. This chapter discusses the following topics related to connector testing:

4.1 Testing the Connector

You can use the testing utility to identify the cause of problems associated with connecting to the target system and performing basic operations on the target system.

To use the testing utility:

  1. Specify values for the parameters in the file.

    This file is in one of the following directories:

    • For Oracle Identity Manager release 9.1.0 through 9.0.3.x and release 9.1.0.x:


    • For Oracle Identity Manager release 11.1.1:


  2. Run one of the following files:

    • If you are using Oracle Identity Manager release 9.0.1 through 9.0.3.x or release 9.1.0.x, then run the following script:

      For UNIX:


      For Microsoft Windows:

    • If you are using Oracle Identity Manager release 11.1.1, then run the following script:

      For UNIX:


      For Microsoft Windows:


4.1.1 Testing Partial and Batched Reconciliation

You can test both partial and batched reconciliation, in either trusted source or target resource mode, by specifying values for the following user reconciliation attributes:

  • BatchSize

  • NoOfBatches

  • FacilityID

  • DCDept

  • Operator

These attributes are described in the "User Reconciliation Scheduled Task" section.

The following is a sample set of values for these attributes:

  • BatchSize: 4

  • NoOfBatches: 2

  • FacilityID: AY

  • DCDept: Accounts

  • Operator: AND

Suppose you specify these values in the target resource user reconciliation scheduled task. After that task is run, all target system records for which the FacilityID and DCDept values are AY and Accounts respectively, are divided into batches of four records each. Of these batches, the first two are reconciled during the current reconciliation run.

4.2 Troubleshooting Connector Problems

The following table lists solutions to some commonly encountered errors associated with the connector.

Problem Description Solution
Oracle Identity Manager cannot establish a connection with the Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System server.
  • Ensure that the Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System server is running.
  • Ensure that Oracle Identity Manager is running.

  • Ensure that all the adapters have been compiled.

  • Use the IT Resources form to examine the Oracle Identity Manager record. Ensure that values for all the IT resource parameters have been correctly specified.

The Operation Failed message is displayed on the Oracle Identity Manager Administrative and User Console.
  • Ensure that the values for the various attributes do not contain delimiter characters (white space).
  • Ensure that the attribute values do not exceed the allowable length.