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Oracle® Identity Manager Connector Guide for Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System
Release 9.0.4

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What's New in the Oracle Identity Manager Connector for Oracle Retail Warehouse Management?

This chapter provides an overview of the updates made to the software and documentation for the Oracle Retail Warehouse Management connector in release


Release of the connector comes after release Release numbers from through have not been used.

The updates discussed in this chapter are divided into the following categories:

Software Updates

The following section discusses software updates:

Software Updates in Release

The following are the software updates in release

Support for New Oracle Identity Manager Release

From this release onward, the connector can be installed and used on Oracle Identity Manager 11g release 1 (11.1.1). Where applicable, instructions specific to this Oracle Identity Manager release have been added in the guide.

See the "Certified Components" section for the full list of certified Oracle Identity Manager releases.

Support for Request-Based Provisioning

From this release onward, the connector provides support for request-based provisioning on Oracle Identity Manager 11g release 1 (11.1.1).

See the "Request-Based Provisioning" section for more information.

Support for the Connector Installer

From Oracle Identity Manager release 9.1.0 onward, the Administrative and User Console provides the Connector Installer feature. This feature can be used to automate the connector installation procedure.See the "Installing the Connector on Oracle Identity Manager Release 9.1.0.x or Release 11.1.1" section for more information.

Resolved Issues

The following is the issue resolved in release

Bug Number Issue Resolution
10114704 The connector supported only the English language. This issue has been resolved. The resource bundles for languages other than English have been included in the connector package. See the "Certified Languages" section of the connector guide for the list of all languages that the connector supports.

Documentation-Specific Updates

The following section discusses documentation-specific updates:

Documentation-Specific Updates in Release

The following are the documentation-specific updates in release