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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Configuration Change Console User's Guide
10g Version for Windows or UNIX

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10 Responding to Notifications

Configuration Change Console offers notification of change events, and escalation of notifications, as defined by audit actions or threshold rules.

There are two ways to respond to notifications:

Responding to Notifications by Email

When a person receives a notification, it appears in the Pending Notifications screen. The same notification will also be sent to the person's primary email address.

The email notification displays both the audit action name and the priority level in the subject line. The content of the email itself lists the reason for the notification and instructions for responding.

To acknowledge an email notification, simply reply to the email without changing any content. To reassign or escalate the notification, you must log in to the Configuration Change Console and use the Pending Notifications screen.

Responding to Notifications with the Pending Notifications Screen

To access all notifications that are sent and unsent and awaiting responses, use the Pending Notifications summary screen. To access this screen, navigate to Visualization --> Activity Summaries --> Pending Notifications.

Use the following filters to restrict the pending notifications displayed:

When you respond to a notification, you are prompted to acknowledge, escalate, or reassign the notification. If you have selected multiple notifications, this response will apply to all of them.

To respond to the notification, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the action you would like to take:

    • Acknowledge the notification and stop escalation

    • Escalate the notification according to the escalation policy

    • Reassign the notification. If you select this option, you must select the person to receive the notification from the drop-down menu

  2. Select Save to save your response and return to the Pending Notification screen.