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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Administrator's Guide for Software and Server Provisioning and Patching
11g Release 1 (

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M Reviewing Log Files

This appendix lists the log files you must review to resolve issues encountered while running a Deployment Procedure.

OMS-Related Log Files

The following are OMS-related log files.


The $<ORACLE_HOME> refers to the Oracle home of the OMS.

Management Agent-Related Log Files

The following are Management Agent-related log files:




The $<ORACLE_HOME> refers to the Oracle home of the Management Agent.

Advanced Options

Optionally, to capture more details, follow these steps to reset the log level and capture the logs mentioned in the previous sections.


Oracle recommends you to archive the old logs and have a fresh run after resetting the log level to capture the fresh logs.

If Installation or Cloning Steps Fail

The OUI/Clone steps generate installation and error log files, and since they are generated at runtime, their locations are printed in the job logs.

If Database Configuration Failed

Database Configuration Assistant generates a log file, and its location is printed in the job log.

As part of target discovery, we generate the newtargets.xml file where the newly provisioned targets are added. The following is the location. Here, $<ORACLE_HOME> refers to the Oracle home of the Management Agent.


For Oracle Grid Infrastructure for standalone servers, the location is: