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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Policy Reference Manual
11g Release 1 (

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8 OMS and Repository

This chapter provides the following information for each of the OMS and Repository policies:

The BEA WebLogic Managed Server only has configuration policies.

8.1 Configuration Policies

The configuration policies for the OMS and Repository target are:

8.1.1 My Oracle Support Credentials

This policy ensures that My Oracle Support credentials are configured.

Policy Summary

The following table lists the policy's main properties.

Severity Category Target Type Versions Affected Policy Rule EvaluationFoot 1  Automatically Enabled? Alert Message
Critical Configuration OMS and Repository Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid control or higher. The underlying metric has a collection frequency of once every 24 hours. Yes Without My Oracle Support Credentials, user will not be able to search My Oracle Support and download patches from Grid Control.

Footnote 1 The policy rule is evaluated each time its underlying metric is collected.


Parameters and Their Default Values


Objects Excluded by Default


Impact of Violation

Without My Oracle Support, the user will not be able to search My Oracle Support and download patches from Grid Control.


Configure My Oracle Support credentials through the Grid Control Console as follows:

  1. On the Grid Control home page, click the Setup link located at the top right of the page.

  2. Click Patching Setup located in the navigation tree.

  3. Use the MetaLink and Proxy Connection page to provide the credentials.