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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Application Configuration Console Installation Guide
Release 5.3.2

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5 Tarball Install on a Linux Server

If you do not have direct access to the server that will host the Core Server and database, or if the server does not have a CD drive, use the tarball installation CDs and copy the files over the network. These instructions cover installing both the database and the Core Server.

5.1 Prerequisites

A tarball installation has the following prerequisites:

5.2 Create a User and Group

To install the Application Configuration Console database on a Linux Server, you must create a new user and group, and then open two sessions to run some scripts, one as the new user and one as root.

  1. Log in to the Linux server as a user who has permissions to create groups and users.

  2. Create a dba group. If you are using the command line:

    groupadd dba
  3. Create an Oracle user as a member of the dba group and specify the directory that you want to use for ORACLE_HOME as the user's home directory, for example:

    useradd –g dba –d /opt/mvOracle oracle

5.3 Copy the Installation Files to the Server

  1. Create an installation directory, such as /tmp/mvinstall.

  2. Copy the four tarballs from the two CDs to the install directory.

  3. Extract the tar files with tar -xzvf. You should end up with two directories: mvOracleInstall and mvalent3.

5.4 Install the Database

  1. Open a new shell and become the Oracle user.

  2. cd to /tmp/mvinstall/mvOracleInstall.

  3. Run ./, running the root scripts from the root shell. You can safely ignore any warning messages about setting permissions on /home/oracle/network/agent/html.

  4. When the installation completes, restart the server and then as root test /etc/init.d/oracle stop/start.

5.5 Set Up the Database

  1. chmod the /tmp/mvinstall/mvalent3 directory to 777.

  2. Login again as Oracle (to load the correct profile and variables).

  3. cd to /tmp/mvinstall/mvalent3.

  4. Unzip the file.

  5. cd to the unzipped db/scripts directory.

  6. Set up the database with this command:

    $ sqlplus /nolog @setup_db.sql
  7. Exit out of the Oracle shell when the database setup is complete.

5.6 Install the Server

  1. Open a shell as the Application Configuration Console user.

  2. cd to /tmp/mvinstall/mvalent3.

  3. Run the Core Server installation program using the following command (see Section 4.3, "Install the Application Configuration Console Server," for details on the installation):

    $ server/ApplicationConfigurationConsoleServer.bin
  4. After the Server installation is complete, login/su as root and copy the tomcat_init script from /tmp/oaccinstall/mvalent3/extras/tomcat_init to /etc/init.d/tomcat, then chmod 755 the script.

  5. Edit /etc/init.d/tomcat, setting tomcat_home and tomcat_user correctly.

  6. As root, do a chkconfig --add tomcat.