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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Configuration Change Console Installation Guide
10g Version for Windows or UNIX

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1 Database Installation Pre-Installation Tasks

2 Database Installation

3 Server Installation Prerequisites

4 Server Pre-Installation Tasks

5 Installing and Uninstalling the Configuration Change Console Server for Microsoft Windows

6 Installing and Uninstalling the Configuration Change Console Server for Linux

7 Overview of Configuration Change Console Agent

8 Agent Installation General Prerequisites

9 Installing the Agent On Windows Platforms

10 Installing the Agent On UNIX Platforms

11 Installing the Agent on OS/400

12 Agent Non-Interactive Silent Installer

13 Post Installation Tasks

14 Securing the Configuration Change Console

15 Installing and Configuring BI Publisher Reports

16 Installing and Configuring Change Management Server Integration

A Server Installation Information

B Sample Agent Properties

C Configuring an Oracle Database For Real-Time Monitoring

D SQL Server 2000 Database Auditing

E User Permissions for Database Snapshot Monitoring

F Agent Configuration File Parameters

G Server Configuration Properties