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Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

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Backup On the Cloud

The OSB Cloud Module is part of the OSB product family and provides the flexibility to back up your database to the Amazon S3 Cloud and to tape. With this cloud offering, local disk backups are sent directly to Amazon S3 for offsite storage and are fully integrated with RMAN features and functionality. In addition, OSB Cloud Module backups work with tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager and your customized RMAN scripts.

The OSB Cloud Module efficiently handles the backing up of Oracle databases to S3 storage. You can backup Oracle databases starting with Oracle Database 9i Release 2 or higher. The OSB Cloud Module does not back up operating system files.

The Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module uses the RMAN SBT (system backup to tape) interface to extend the Amazon S3 functionality for Oracle backup operations. The OSB Cloud Module offers an easy-to-manage, cost efficient, and scalable alternative to maintaining in-house data storage and managing a local, fully configured backup infrastructure.

The OSB Cloud Module has several advantages over traditional tape-based offsite backups: