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Oracle® Airlines Data Model Installation Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2)

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1 Hardware and Software Requirements

This chapter describes the hardware and software requirements of Oracle Airlines Data Model:

Before you install Oracle Airlines Data Model, you must verify that all hardware and software requirements are met.

Supported Platforms

Oracle Airlines Data Model 11g Release 3 (11.3.1) is supported on the following platforms. For each platform, the given operating system version or later versions are required:

Hardware Requirements

The Oracle Database installation guide for your platform includes procedures for checking that your installation meets the hardware and operating system requirements for Oracle Database.

Additionally, for a complete installation of Oracle Airlines Data Model, the minimum hardware requirement is disk space of at least 10 GB (including at least 2 GB for the software files in the Oracle home directory and at least 8 GB disk space for the data files).

Software Requirements

The minimum software requirements for Oracle Airlines Data Model are as follows:

Oracle Database Requirements

Oracle Airlines Data Model requires Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition.


When you install the Database ensure that the database character set is Unicode (AL32UTF8) to support multi-language installations since Oracle Airlines Data Model permits the installation of support for English and one other language.

Installation of the Oracle Airlines Data Model component requires the following options to the Database:

  • Oracle Partitioning

  • Oracle Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

  • Oracle Data Mining


To confirm that you have Oracle Data Mining and OLAP options installed, follow the instructions outlined in "Confirming that Oracle Data Mining and OLAP Options are Installed".

After you download and install the Database, upgrade to the latest patch. Patches are available from My Oracle Support (

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

You must have the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition installed before you use the Oracle Airlines Data Model sample reports (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition is required to deploy the Oracle Airlines Data Model sample reports RPD and webcat and to view the sample reports).

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition or higher can be downloaded from the "Oracle Business Intelligence 11g downloads" link on Oracle Technology Network at:

Installation instructions are included in the documentation.