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11g Release 2 (11.2)

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Property Description
Parameter type Integer
Default value 1
Range of values 0 to 40
Basic No

AQ_TM_PROCESSES controls time monitoring on queue messages and controls processing of messages with delay and expiration properties specified.You do not need to specify a value for this parameter because Oracle Database automatically determines the number of processes and autotunes them, as necessary. Therefore, Oracle highly recommends that you leave the AQ_TM_PROCESSES parameter unspecified and let the system autotune.

The default value for AQ_TM_PROCESSES is used if the client does not explicitly set a value for the parameter in the init.ora file or using the ALTER SYSTEM command.


If you want to disable the Queue Monitor Coordinator, then you must set AQ_TM_PROCESSES to 0 in your parameter file. Oracle strongly recommends that you do NOT set AQ_TM_PROCESSES to 0. If you are using Oracle Streams, then setting this parameter to zero (which Oracle Database respects no matter what) can cause serious problems.

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