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11g Release 2 (11.2)

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V$HANG_INFO displays information about hangs found on the cluster. A hang can be an open wait chain or closed wait chain (cycle or deadlock). A wait chain is a series of sessions that are blocking one another. Each row represents a hang and describes how severe the hang is. This view also includes the victim or final blocker of the hang.

Column Datatype Description
HANG_ID NUMBER A number identifying the hang
HANG_CHAIN_SESSIONS NUMBER Indicates how many sessions are in the main wait chain of the hang
TOTAL_HUNG_SESSIONS NUMBER Indicates how many total sessions are affected by the hang, including the main wait chain and any wait chains branching off of the main wait chain
HANG_TYPE VARCHAR2(18) Is set to Hang if this is an open wait chain, or Deadlock if this is a cycle or closed wait chain?
HANG_CREATE_TIME VARCHAR2(20) Date and time that the hang was detected
HANG_RESOLVE_TIME VARCHAR2(20) Time that the hang may be automatically resolved
IGNORED_HANG VARCHAR2(1) Y - The hang was ignored and will not be automatically resolved at this time

N - The hang has not yet been verified

RESOLUTION_ATTEMPTED VARCHAR2(1) Y - An attempt was made to resolve the hang

N - No attempt was made to resolve the hang

GLOBAL_HANG VARCHAR2(1) Y - The hang spans multiple nodes in the cluster

N - All of the sessions in the hang reside on a single instance

ESCALATED_HANG VARCHAR2(1) Y - An attempt was made to resolve the hang but was unsuccessful, and the hang is becoming more severe. Another resolution attempt will be made.

N - The first resolution attempt was successful and it was not necessary to escalate the hang to a higher resolution level.

RESOLUTION_STATUS VARCHAR2(46) Contains the reason why the hang was resolved or ignored
VICTIM_INSTANCE NUMBER Instance number of the instance on which the victim or final blocker session resides
VICTIM_SESSION_ID NUMBER Victim or final blocker's Oracle session ID
VICTIM_SERIAL# NUMBER Victim or final blocker's Oracle session serial number
VICTIM_OSPID VARCHAR2(25) Victim or final blocker's operating system process ID
FATAL_BACKGROUND VARCHAR2(1) Y - Victim or final blocker is a critical background process

N - Victim or final blocker is not a critical background process

WAIT_EVENT_TEXT VARCHAR2(64) Resource or event for which the victim or final blocker is waiting; set to not in a wait if the session is not waiting on a resource