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ALL_METHOD_RESULTS describes the method resultse ofthe object types accessibleo tothe current user.

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Column Datatype NULL Description
OWNER VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Owner of the type
TYPE_NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Name of the type
METHOD_NAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Name of the method
METHOD_NO NUMBER NOT NULL For an overloaded method, a number distinguishing this method from others of the same. Do not confuse this number with the object ID.
RESULT_TYPE_MOD VARCHAR2(7) NOT NULL Whether this result is a REF to another object
RESULT_TYPE_OWNER VARCHAR2(30)   Owner of the type of the result
RESULT_TYPE_NAME VARCHAR2(30)   Name of the type of the result
CHARACTER_SET_NAME VARCHAR2(44)   Whether the character set or the method is fixed-length character set (CHAR_CS) or fixed-length national character set (NCHAR_CS), or a particular character set specified by the user