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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

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DBA_HIST_TEMPSTATXS displays information about temporary file read/write statistics. This view contains snapshots of V$TEMPSTAT.

Column Datatype NULL Description
DBID NUMBER NOT NULL Database ID for the snapshot
INSTANCE_NUMBER NUMBER NOT NULL Instance number for the snapshot
FILE# NUMBER NOT NULL File identification number
CREATION_CHANGE# NUMBER NOT NULL Change number at which the tempfile was created
FILENAME VARCHAR2(513) NOT NULL Name of the tempfile
TS# NUMBER NOT NULL Tablespace number
TSNAME VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Name of the tablespace
BLOCK_SIZE NUMBER   Block size of the tempfile
PHYRDS NUMBER   Number of physical reads done
PHYWRTS NUMBER   Number of times DBWR is required to write
SINGLEBLKRDS NUMBER   Number of single block reads
READTIM NUMBER   Time (in hundredths of a second) spent doing reads if the TIMED_STATISTICS parameter is true; 0 if false
WRITETIM NUMBER   Time (in hundredths of a second) spent doing writes if the TIMED_STATISTICS parameter is true; 0 if false
SINGLEBLKRDTIM NUMBER   Cumulative single block read time (in hundredths of a second)
PHYBLKRD NUMBER   Number of physical blocks read
PHYBLKWRT NUMBER   Number of blocks written to disk, which may be the same as PHYWRTS if all writes are single blocks
WAIT_COUNT NUMBER   Shows the number of waits at the file level for contended buffers. This value includes the individual wait events that are included in the buffer busy waits wait event.

See Also: "buffer busy waits"

TIME NUMBER   Time spent waiting for the wait events in the WAIT_COUNT column