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11g Release 2 (11.2)

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Property Description
Parameter type String
Syntax DB_UNIQUE_NAME = database_unique_name
Default value Database instances: the value of DB_NAME

Automatic Storage Management instances: +ASM

Modifiable No
Basic Yes
Oracle RAC Multiple instances must have the same value.

DB_UNIQUE_NAME specifies a globally unique name for the database. Databases with the same DB_NAME within the same DB_DOMAIN (for example, copies of a database created for reporting or a physical standby) must have a unique DB_UNIQUE_NAME. Every database's DB_UNIQUE_NAME must be unique within the enterprise.

The value of DB_UNIQUE_NAME can be up to 30 characters and is case insensitive. The following characters are valid in a database name: alphanumeric characters, underscore (_), number sign (#), and dollar sign ($).


As part of their operations, some database tools or utilities create a string that uniquely identifies a database. The string may include the DB_UNIQUE_NAME for a database, and other identifying information for the database, such as the database SID. Oracle Database restricts some identifiers to 30 characters, so using a short DB_UNIQUE_NAME can help prevent ORA-00972 "identifier is too long" messages from database tools and utilities that create a string that includes the DB_UNIQUE_NAME.

See Also:

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